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About Gadhada

Gadhada is a small city located at middle southern region of Gujarat state. Although Gadhada city is not developed much, it holds importance because of one of the biggest Swaminarayan temple built here by Lord Swaminarayan himself. Gadhada is also known for its farm fresh agricultural products which are exported to nearby big cities.


Gadhada is a small city of Botad District of Gujarat State. Gadhada city is also known by its historical names Barwal or Gadhpur. It is situated on the bank of Ghela River. The city is situated at some elevation near Ahmedabad. The city is famous among pilgrims for its Swaminarayan Temple which was founded by Lord Swaminarayan himself. Temple is built on “Gadh” or Small Mountain and therefore the name Gadhpur or Gadhada.

Famous Tourist Places of Gadhada

Gadhada is known for its famous Swaminarayan Temple situated near Ghela River. The river flows beside temple over smooth rocks. The bank of river is not bounded by any fences or stones and that’s keeps the beauty of Gadhada intact. Other holy places worth visiting are Lakshmi Wadi, Hanuman Temple on Nariyeli Dhar, Bhakti Baug and Radha Vav which are around 2 km from Gadhada.

Swaminarayan Temple of Gadhada

This huge temple built on a small mountain is dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan. Dada Khachar was a big devotee of Lord Swaminarayan. He donated his land of residence where this high temple was built. Dada Khachar’s residence had a big open courtyard. The temple is built in this courtyard area. Dada Khachar’s residence had court area in southern region. The court is still preserved in same form in his remembrance.  It is said that Lord Swaminarayan stayed here for more than 27 years of his life and it is also one of the 9 temples founded by him.

Swaminarayan Temple in Gadhada

Lord Swaminarayan himself worked with people in constructing temple by lifting stones and also supervised the construction. Divine presence of Lord Swaminarayan in temple is still felt by the followers. This is the reason this city is so famous among Swaminarayan followers, although Gadhada is a small city with no commercialization. There is a huge gadh, square in shape on which temple is built. It has a huge assembly hall with kitchen and large dharamshalas for pilgrims. Idols were installed by Lord Swaminarayan himself in this temple.

The ceremony was held in the year 1828 on 9th October. Even on much height, the temple has two stories with three parallel domes separated by beautiful green lawns. Lord Harikrishna and Lord Gopinath in the middle dome, Lord Vasudeva and Lord Dharma along with Bhakti Devi on the western side dome and Lord Shri Krishna, Revti and Baldevji, and Lord Suryanarayan in the eastern side dome. Lord Swaminarayan gave several discourses at the chamber of Lord Vasudeva which is in southern part of temple.

Entrance of Swaminarayan Temple in Gadhada

Many of them are recorded in Vachanamrut scripture. There is also a big huge neem three nearby. On the backside of temple are Gangajalio well along with Akshar Ordi, which holds heritage values as well. The huge open area in front of temple and garden area on the first storey is eye soothing especially during sunrise and sunsets. This temple is masterpiece of carvings and structures. This auspicious place becomes more divine when followers keep chanting mantras and dhun during wee or evening hours. 

Ghela River in Gadhada

Lord Swaminarayan along with his saints uses to take bath in Ghela River. The river flows on the southern side of temple. Lord Swaminarayan frequently use to sat and preached on river banks and hence there are two famous river beds named Narayan Dharo and Sahasra Dharo.

Ghela River in Gadhada

Small temples of Lord Neelkanth and Lord Hanuman are situated on the bank of the river. As the river is kept intact with no constructed fences, people come and sit on the smooth stones and enjoy the scenic beauty of flowing water and surrounded greenery.

Lakshmi Wadi in Gadhada

The place of cremation of Lord Swaminarayan is situated little away from the town and is known as Lakshmi Wadi. It is just a single dome temple constructed there with some remains of Lord Swaminarayan’s mortal.

Lakshmi Wadi in Gadhada

Sharadotsava was celebrated by Lord Swaminarayan near a neem tree facing the Lakshmi Wadi.

How to Reach Gadhada in Gujarat

Gadhada city in Gujarat is situated in Botad District. The city has good road network. But it is deprived of railway tracks in nearby area and there is no rail connectivity.  Ningala or Botad, both located 27 km away from Gadhada, are the nearest cities having railway stations. They fall on Bhavnagar- Ahmedabad railway track. You can take appropriate trains to reach Botad or Ningala station. Frequent buses or private vehicles are available from these cities to Gadhada. You can also get direct bus from nearby big cities like Ahmedabad located at 180 km or Bhavnagar located at 80 km. Even private vehicles run between Gadhada and other nearby cities.

Gadhada can be reached by air as well though it has no airport of its own. The nearest airports to Gadhada are Bhavnagar and Ahmedabad. Connecting bus services or private vehicles are frequently available from these cities to reach Gadhada.

Quick Facts about Gadhada
District: Botad
Population: 26,751
Altitude: 341 feet
Latitude: 21.97 0N
Longitude: 71.57 0E
Official Languages used: Gujarati and Hindi

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